Welcome to the North Avenue Business Association of Oak Park-Chicago, Illinois website. Your one stop site to learn about the North Avenue Business District whether you are a current business or resident or want to move your family or business here.

The North Avenue Business Association (NABA) works with member businesses, local residents, municipalities and partners to make the North Avenue Business District a thriving and successful place to live, work and shop. Read NABA’s Mission Statement here.. Any business in the North Avenue Business District can apply to be a member.

The North Avenue Business District runs from Harlem Avenue to Austin Avenue along North Avenue. The North side of North Avenue is Chicago and the south side is Oak Park making it a unique area. There are over 260 businesses along North Avenue offering almost everything you need from dining to dental, banking to barbers, doctors to dry cleaning and so much more. See NABA’s list of the many North Avenue businesses ready to welcome and serve you.

If you are thinking of starting a new business or moving your current business to North Avenue, go to our NABA Business Resource Page. There you will learn about local business laws, zoning, business license procedures, even how to get financing and consulting help.

You can also learn about how the North Avenue Business Association gives back to North Avenue residents and community with many great programs like the NABA Scholarship, NABA Food Drive and NABA Clean and Green.

Please take time to take a good look at our North Avenue Business Association web site and learn about all the great things NABA does now and in the future for businesses, for the community and for you. If you would like to join NABA, have any questions or want more information, please contact me NABA President Lee Owens at lee@nameonanything.com or 773-610-3800.

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